An Unwanted Guest

A Failing Defense Against Tiny Rabbits

So I have a bit of a dilemma. I built a fence this year to keep out unwanted animals like rabbits, woodchucks, and deer. And for the most part it seemed to be working.

That is until this week…

About a month ago I saw a pretty large rabbit hanging around the outside of my fence. This guy, in size, was more a raccoon than a rabbit if you ask me. But regardless, he had no way of getting in unless he tunneled under the fence or came straight out of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. And judging by how big he was, this guy wasn’t interested in tunneling. So, at the time we were safe.

Come to realize, the rabbit must have been pregnant because now we have a little rabbit running around the yard. This little rabbit has no issues squeezing through the small holes in the fence to enter the garden. I was witness to this first hand multiple times. He’s so quick it was like Hoodini came back in rabbit form with the ability to enter and exit cages with ease. So fast, I’m having a hard time getting a good picture of him!

This does not pose well for the garden. I’ve caught him eating some of the strawberries. There is also evidence of damage to my beans and one of the pepper plants.

We resorted to adding the old fence around the new one, as the holes are smaller, for added defense. Around the outside, we also spread a rabbit deterrent that was lying around in the garage. Apparently the deterrent is a mix of dried blood and garlic oil (among other things).

My dog has willingly offered up his services to hang out in the garden all day long as defense. He’s as upset about the rabbit as we are, going into a mental breakdown whenever he sees it. I however, do not trust that option and have denied him.

So, I feel I have a couple of options, but am interested to hear what you guys think. If you feel so inclined, please vote below, which of the following I should do.

I’ve learned in the past that gardening is never easy when working with nature. And this isn’t my first rodeo with rabbits in the garden. Unfortunately, I know the rabbits don’t believe believe in sharing..

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