April 29, 2017

It’s no joke when they say “April showers bring may flowers” as it sure has been raining quite a bit here lately and it’s hard to keep up with the growth on my plants. Weeds included… I will mention that I’ve recently switched to a No Dig method of gardening and the amounts should decrease from here on out. Fingers crossed.

A little note on the spring weather we’ve been having in Wisconsin. We had a few days last weekend that were in the upper 60’s and may have even reached the upper 70’s. I had a number of people mention to me that we were being spoiled a bit, being that it is still April. But that has changed for the worse dropping to lows of 30’s overnight, and highs of 50 if we’re lucky during the day. It’s been a bit challenging hardening off the cold weather crops. I intend to plant out in the garden the next gap in the rain downpour.

From the vegetable garden we were able to harvest a half pound of asparagus from the three established plants. This is one of the plants we most look forward to in the springtime. The other six asparagus plants are coming in rather nicely as well.

Purple Passion Asparagus

Our Arugula and Mizuna germinated really well in the trough with potting mix. Today we decided to thin them out (about 1.1oz) and eat the sprouts with dinner as a “micro green” side. I may decide to thin them out a little further if it turns out they are too close.

                     Arugula and Mizuna Before Thinning                                                                                                        

Arugula & Mizuna After Thinning

Another favorite of mine from spring is peas. We planted the seeds of both snap peas and garden marvels around April 15th and I am now seeing the sprouts of largely the sugar snaps. Can not wait for these to produce, but I’m sure my wife can, she had never been a fan however I’m slowly converting her!

Oregon Sugar Snap Peas

Finally, I’ll leave this post with a few images of the other early risers of the garden. Raspberries and strawberries are really green and strong now, and a single potato has emerged.

Strawberry Flower

Caroline Raspberry Canes

Yukon Gold Potato

Stay tuned for some great project updates and How-To’s.

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