Deadly Tomato Horn Worm - And How To Find Them

“The worm appearing on it was an object of much terror, it being currently regarded as poisonous and importing a poisonous quality to the fruit if it should chance to crawl upon it.” -  The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator Almanac (1867) John J Thomas Picture a large green caterpillar like creature with diagonal white stripes and a small red horn protruding…

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How To Kill Japanese Beetles

My War With An Unrelenting Insect

About three years ago I had my first encounter with Japanese Beetles. The encounter happened to be death and destruction of a massive portion of my, at the time, small garden. The newly planted apple trees and rose bushes got the brunt of their assault. Everything had at least some damage by these insects. They land on the leaves and flowers of my plants and…

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An Unwanted Guest

A Failing Defense Against Tiny Rabbits

So I have a bit of a dilemma. I built a fence this year to keep out unwanted animals like rabbits, woodchucks, and deer. And for the most part it seemed to be working. That is until this week… About a month ago I saw a pretty large rabbit hanging around the outside of my fence. This guy, in size, was more a raccoon than…

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Blackberry Cane Blight

I've been infected!

Watching the canes of different berry plants come to life in spring, in my opinion, is an incredible thing to witness. How something can go from a dark colored, solid, woody texture during the winter to a softer, light brown, cane full of life shows how complex nature can be. Blackberries in particular are fun to watch, but they are not to be taken lightly….

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