Harvest, Harvest, and More Harvesting

Coming to the end of August the weather is beginning to reach that point where it’s either really hot, or feels like fall. The days are even starting to get shorter. It’s around this time that the garden has reached its peak and is transitioning from summer crops to cold weather autumn plants like carrots, cabbage, and spinach. However a majority of our time is now spent harvesting and watering. Tomatoes and peppers are ripening in full force, making this one of my favorite times in the garden.

Although there are plenty of stories that I could share that happened this month, I thought it would be fun to bring you into the garden visually, letting the pictures tell you the story.

The entrances is now covered with grape vines and some of the grapes are beginning to change color.

We’ve pulled a combined total of over 40 pounds of tomatoes and cherry tomatoes!

A third cropping of peppers are starting to change colors.

The Kale continues to grow strong all year and should continue into the fall.

Our trellised watermelon now have a couple large fruits hanging.

The ‘L’ box root crops are about half way through and should be ready for harvest in the fall.

Crystal’s butternut squash are growing big and strong.

Tucker continues to watch of over the garden whenever he can.

Our Pride of Wisconsin melons are nearly ready!

Crystal’s sunflowers are in full bloom and the finches can not get enough of the seeds.

Raspberries are nearing their second cropping. This time on the top of the canes. These bushes are constantly buzzing with bumble bees at work.

Nearly 2,000 ground cherries have made it out of the garden. My mind has been blown that two plants could produce so much.

Even the butterfly bushes are blooming and we’ve notice a large upswing in the amount of butterflies traveling through the garden.


I did want to mention that just because it is warm outside, does not mean that the indoor garden is empty. I have been growing both a Meyer Lemon and Key Lime tree in the basement. Both are flowering and let me tell you, the lemon tree’s blossoms smell incredible. I’m hopeful that someday soon we will have some basement lemons!

Happy growing!


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Geoff has been growing plants and vegetables consistently for the last 6 years and actively experiments with, and writes about, all aspects of gardening.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful. Everything looks wonderful.

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