April 24, 2017

Just a short update today.

Managed to get on top of things this year and planted out my herb garden right. It happens to be part of a flower bed that sits in my backyard. It gets decent light, but I would not say it gets full sun. We’ll see how this effects the plants. You’ll notice that I reused some old chops sticks in order to delineate boundaries while planting. Within the boarders there may be two or three lines where I spread the seeds.

As for what was planted and came back after the winter, here are the highlights.

-Mammoth Dill
-Parsley Giant of Italy
-Sweet Marjoram
-Greek Oregano
-Purple and Green Bunching Onion

I would say that these get used quite often in our weekly meals and it is a real life saver when I forget that one herb hidden in a recipe and then having to run to the store. Many of these are actually perennial in my zone (zone 5b) and will return next year. For example, the chives and sage were planted successfully last year and came back this year. Chives are in great shape, sage not so much.

Also, today was an excellent spring day. About 68 degrees and sunny without a cloud in the sky. Apparently the cherry trees also thought it would be a good day to let loose and blossom. One of my favorite parts of the spring.

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Geoff has been growing plants and vegetables consistently for the last 6 years and actively experiments with, and writes about, all aspects of gardening.

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  1. Nice job. Interesting

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