Spring 2019

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

In my last post I brought up the climate and how experts believe the Midwest will change due to current trends, in the future. One thing they mentioned is that Spring will experience an increase in rain, with higher amounts of flooding, and summers will be dry and drought heavy. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Well Friday June 21st marked the first day of summer and…

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How Climate Change Will Affect Wisconsin Gardeners

Do you or anyone you know enjoy winter sports? By winter sports I mean activities such as snowmobiling and skiing. Sports that involve snow. As we move further into winter I normally see pictures on social media of friends or family going on weekend snowmobile trips having a blast out on the trails. It looks like a great time and if you ask them, I’m…

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What’s Happening In The Garden This Fall

I know many people who claim that Fall is their most desired season of the four that we are lucky to get here in the Midwest. A time when the leaves on trees change to an assortment of beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds. When the temperature starts to cool off at night and daylight becomes shorter. And a time, of course, for watching football games…

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Strawberries, Pests, and a Secret Weapon

June 2018

When someone brings up early summer or says “it’s June”, my mind immediately goes to strawberries. What an incredible berry. I don’t know about you, but the flavorful bite that these red berries pack is enough to make even a child smile. In fact a couple of friends of ours have a child who recently crushed a tupperware container of them like Popeye eating spinach…

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April Showers and May Vegetables

May 2018 Update

One of my favorite seasons has arrived, and with it the first life of the season. This spring has been particularly difficult. In fact, the way we went from freezing cold temperatures to summer like weather deceivingly makes me feel like we missed it! It is always incredible to watch as spring rain coats plants and in essence begins to paint the landscape green. You…

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Strength Training for Your Plants

How to Harden Transplants

If you have a sun room, green house, or a really large south facing window area - I am jealous. Jealous because starting seeds in real sunlight is so much easier than starting them under artificial sunlight. By easier, I mean the transition from indoors to out in the garden. Plants that are started and grown for the first weeks of their life indoors are…

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Automate Your Indoor Grow Room - Lights

There is a huge benefit to growing plants outside, and that is the fact that you do not have to go out and turn the sun on each day. The sun is there every day, no matter what, even if clouds are blocking it. When you are growing plants indoors however, there is no sun. You are the sun. My first days indoor gardening taught…

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How To Prune Tomato and Pepper Transplants For Maximum Harvest

When you have shorter hair like I do, you tend to need your haircut quite frequently. For me, it seems that whenever I get mine cut, my hair comes back stronger and quicker than ever. This is not scientifically proven, but it’s a comment my stylist and I make almost every time I’m there. Let’s hope as I get older, this continues to be true!…

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Why You Should Plan This Year’s Garden Today

A successful garden is a planned garden. I can’t count how many times I’ve spoken with would be gardeners who’ve said, “I would love to start a garden this year, but do not know where to start”. Or they attempted their first garden - bought plants, tools, and soil - only to have everything mysteriously die or never grow. Unfortunately, I think this is one…

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Winter Indoor Garden

Winter has arrived. And boy has it brought some cold weather with it. Christmas Day started a multi-day stretch of below zero temperatures and I can tell you there are very few things moving, let alone growing outside. Impatient gardeners like myself move indoors and continue gardening wherever we can find space. For me, this is a small 6 foot x 5 foot area in…

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